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Sunday, May 10, 2009

Bridge fun

Had a blast Saturday at the Bridge The Gap To Health Race. Click here for coverage, here for the official race blog site.

So many people to thank ... Kurt Stuckman, race organizer; the hundreds of volunteers, Jamie Blaesing, Dana Bowman (click here if you want to read about a real American hero), Pat Cornwell for the sound system, the list goes on.

The cool thing about the race and walk is the setting. Right on the river in our best river park, with a German Heidelberg band playing on one side and Bartholomew playing over by The Pier. Watching the nearly 2,000 participants cross both bridges is amazing.

Anne Mays walked with four generations .... and we had to persuade her NOT to bunge jump on the Memorial Bridge. 

I confronted QND Principal Ray Heilmann about his steroid use. We all know Ray is HUGE and he was the one supplying Manny Ramirez. At least Ray fessed up. That's just Ray being Ray.

I saw a lot of city and county officials volunteering their time, including one city guy who took care of Dana and worked traffic details. I almost took picture of his car in the Pier parking lot and posted it on this blog .... well, I didn't bring my camera. But if anything develops, I'll report it here.

What a great event for Quincy!


Anonymous said...

Hey dude, you are an inspiration to Chicken Dancers everywhere. Jeesh, I hope that performance shows up on youtube. Nice job emceeing.

UMRBlog said...

I heard that's the new breakaway line for local newsies: "Sorry, but I gotta go charge my digital camera and snap some plates!"