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Sunday, May 31, 2009

Prayers for Matt McElfresh family

Matt McElfresh of the Adams County Sheriff's Department died early this morning in an off-duty accident.

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I knew Matt and he was a great guy. He worked a lot of big dope cases when he was with the Task Force, and if it got to court and I needed to double check something or find out what was really going on, Matt was always the man.

He was aggressive and dogged and if you were a bad guy and Matt got on your trail .... forget it. You had no chance.

I hate writing about deaths and funerals, and I'm going to hate it more.

But that's a distant second to the huge issue at hand - Matt's family, and his extended family at the ACSD.

Peace, Matt. We are so much better off for knowing you for a short time.

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Tom McCubbins said...

I just heard the news today and it has struck me like a ton of bricks. Matt and I were old childhood buddies. I vividly remember a few summers spent fishing, riding horses and jammin' to that song Indian Outlaw. You will be missed my friend.