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Monday, May 25, 2009

Rain On The Roof

Finally, FINALLY, a few minutes to ponder life.

We are settling into the new Calftown house. Shey Fey has set up the wireless and I'm enjoying the sound of the rain on the metal roof while sitting on the back porch.

Gus Macker was great as usual, perfect weather Sunday. There were the usual knuckleheads and incidents, a few ambulance calls. The Quincy Notre Dame football team was amazing helping us tear down yesterday, wish other tournaments had it figured out like we do in Quincy.

And a big big big HUGE thank you to the Exchange Club.

Dream Court was dreamy as usual. The Special Olympics guys and gals played Saturday morning and it was a hoot.

Saturday night's Funions gig at the firing range was awesome. We have a guy filling in on drums in a couple of weeks for a private party, The Mighty One, and he set Saturday's event up to give us a sort of a "live practice" — I thought we played very well. What I really liked about it was our sound system, not too loud and everybody could hear.

Gus showed up with the Macker crew and they were totally in awe of Jack playing the sax. Who wouldn't be? Apparently there is some video shot on a Blackberry floating around out there ....

So today is finally a piddling day to get some stuff organized, set up the music room, etc. Shey Fey is running around with an electric screwdriver and is in total home improvement heaven. The chaos will continue this week when the 6-1 senior graduates from QHS, family coming in, etc.

At least we have place to put them!

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TMO said...

Awesome time this weekend! Thanks again to you and the boys for letting me play with you. Everyone enjoyed it and we cleared $67.00. It seems like during this time of year it's just one thing right after another. Take time to relax, put on some aloe, and enjoy the new crib!