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Thursday, May 21, 2009


This is a form of therapy, but all I'm gonna say is THANK GOD IT'S OVER. Mostly over.

Thank you to Chief and sons, Devon White, Dr. Brei, John Frank, Tom Miller. You saved my life. Not my back, but my life.

We are officially in the new Calftown residence, with  about a month's worth of stuff to arrange. Part of the moving fun ...

Gus is this weekend, can't wait for Dream Court again, come see us at Fifth and Maine.

Setting up tonight for our big Firing Range show Saturday night.

So other than that, nothing is going on .... WAIT. Forgot to mention, huge June 19 show at Turner Hall with our friends The Cheeseburgers!


Rocky Cola said...

See you there.

13 year old girls-Angels
9 year old girls-Angels

Doing my best Bobby Knight.

Hopefully weather cooperates and knuckleheads stay clear from the event!

FRED said...

John Spring and company are opposed to the undesirable element that the World Free Fall Convention brings to our moral, upstanding city. What makes the undesirable element that Macker brings any more acceptable? I could care less about WFFC and I avoid Quincy, especially downtown, on this weekend, but I was just wondering. Which is worse? Boobs or 'bangers?

RH said...

If you don't want to come down to Macker, don't. We won't miss you. Make sure you don't come down to Fifth and Maine and Dream Court, especially.

Comparing Macker to the Free Fall?


FRED said...

Oh, absolutely, fair enough. I'm not asking to run Macker out of town and I do stay away. Like UMRB says, read my original post. I already stated that. Regardless, do you deny that Macker attracts a rough crowd and a criminal element to Quincy? Or does your love of Macker and all of the positive trappings blind you to the negative ones?

RH said...

Of course it does. When you have so many people coming to town, there's always going to be a few idiots, regardless of race. The positive aspects of Macker far outweigh the negatives. Too bad you weren't around yesterday morning when we had the Special Olympics guys and gals on the Dream Court. Too had you weren't around today when I officiated a 10-year-old boys court, and guys from the two teams hugged after a hard fought championship game. Too bad you weren't around when a team of young girls was given the Good Sports Award. Too bad you weren't around first thing this morning when a coach from a Dream Court team came up to me and said, "My kids will remember this for the rest of my life." Too bad you weren't around when I had a grandmother proudly tell me her son was playing in a championship game and everybody was having "a blast."

I don't expect you to understand it, but don't blast it if you don't know anything about it. Because you don't.

Anonymous said...

Rodney...the Macker is one of the best events toe held in Quincy. I saw an old friend, who was moved to Kansas City with at least 2 teams. Its great that people who have connections to Quincy with a love of sports to come back just for this event.
Just wondering what is the reasoning for the serious drop of teams.

By the way, great sounds Sat night

RH said...

Macker peaked in Quincy about 10 years ago with 1,400 teams. This year there were around 600 I think, a drop of 80 from last year, and the numbers have steadily declined.

QNO had a good story today about some of the reasons. I think the main reason is economic - some people just don't have the cash. Gus Macker has a very loyal core following, but many people play one or two years to experience it, and don't play again.

These numbers are reflected nationally for Gus as well.

Will post shortly about Saturday night .... thanks!

Anonymous said...

I'm hoping for a surge in Macker teams for the 20th anniversary in Quincy next year