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Thursday, February 11, 2010

Brackets, awful love songs, etc.

— Now THIS is a bracket where everybody is a winner ....

— Billboard has named its No. 1 sexiest song, and it is AWFUL .... the video is so bad it's ... just .... hard to watch.

— If you've noticed, we've put up the first shows for The Funions World Parking Lot Tour 2010. The ice breaker is Saturday, March 13, at the Elks for a St. Patrick's Day bash. Reportedly there will be a press conference this weekend, and we may have video up.

— The ice at the South Side pond is still 8 inches thick, but there have been some melting and surface quality issues. Can still hope to hope, I guess.

— Are you going to watch the winter Olympics? Might try to follow the hockey games, but luge results are hardly riveting.

— Nice to have lunch today for the first time in ages with the Sandwich Maker of Doom.

— No football this weekend, boo hoo ....

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