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Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Job Hunting

Shey Fey lost her job today. The official phrase was "We are eliminating your position." She worked for a large Quincy manufacturing plant doing Internet technology and computer stuff.

She is not sad about it all. Always the optimist, Sheryl finds upsides for everything. She won't have to deal with the daily grind of her job and she was in a great mood today.

On the downside, this puts a crimp in summer and other vacation plans. If she doesn't find another job soon, and in this economy it won't be easy, we'll have to be very careful with our finances.

I think you are defined by the way you deal with the crap life throws at you.

I define her as a saint and the best thing going for me today.


browneyedgirl said...

Rotknee, as always, you are the bomb diggity! Thanks for being there for my sister.

TMO said...

Holy cow that SUCKS!!! Fear not however... come summer time, the pool parties will be frequent and free!!!!!

michelle wardlow said...

I think I may havea met her sometime at Washington Perk. I was at that time looking for employment advice. She had reddish brown, kinda dark shoulder length hair. I always wear dresses so I stand out. I'm sorry she lost her job, but I can also understand the desire for a break. When one door closes another one opens.