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Thursday, February 25, 2010

Pay later? Nope ....

Twice in the past few months I've made major purchases and the store has promised I had one year to pay for the item.


Read the fine print before you sign the purchase agreement. The first retailer sold me a bill of goods and knew the finance company wanted payments right away, but lied to me anyway.

The second place just simply didn't know, and we got things ironed out.

It depends on what you buy, of course, but if a store offers you "same as cash," be careful. If the store deals with a separate finance company, ask the finance company, not the place where you bought the item, about the terms.

Sure, it's buyer beware. So — be aware.


SheyFey said...

Still, we have paid them all before the finance company got their usury rates and that feels good!

DJ said...

It's all good and well to put that on this blog, but it should be an article in the paper...better yet, start a consumers feature and name names. When commercial establishments and corporations are exposed, they start changing their ways. Toyota anyone?