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Monday, February 01, 2010

Moon pic, forgotten growler

The top pic is Lake Michigan in late January ... massive chunks of ice. I tried imagining an August beach day instead and couldn't do it.

The other pic is what they refer to in Hudsonville, Michigan, as a "Front Porch."

Hose Head on the right is drinking a Founders Pale Ale. Hose Head on the right bought a 64 ounce growler of Founders Pale Ale, and left it in Hoser on the left's fridge. Hoser on the right is ticked off and will reclaim growler this summer. Hoser on the left is presumably finishing contents of said growler as we speak.

A great weekend up north, and it's nice to be home.


Walter said...

Tell me you were in Mich near Grand Rapids last week. Go ahead. Because I was there Wed - Sun for a big seminar at Calvin College.


RH said...

DANG IT Wally .... we coulda had more than a beer downtown Friday night. Dont ya know Calvin was my stomping grounds for one forgettable year?

browneyedgirl said...

The photo of the beach is amazing!

Anonymous said...

Have you fallen down a flight of stairs yet on your untied b-ball shoes??

chart said...

So I'm guessing Walter was in GR for the annual symposium on worship, which actually, Rot, I think you might enjoy. It's downright inspiring. And I can't believe you and Wilx sat outside on the driveway in January. Did you forget you were in Hooterville and not at Burton and Eastern??? Except for your high end growler, which you forgot, you Hosehead!