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Thursday, February 04, 2010

Swiftly off key

Apparently Taylor Swift was off-key at the Grammy Awards the other night.

No. Gasp. Shudder. Unbelievable. Really?

I didn't see it and won't watch it. I have much better things to do, like consoling Bella the Destroyer, who is still mad about not being a border collie.

Apparently Swift couldn't hear in her monitors, leading her to sing off-key with Stevie Nicks.

I'm not saying The Funions are on par with anybody else, and we're just a bunch of goof balls playing music for fun. But I have almost never played a show where I've been able to hear well. Sure, we want to sound good, but the energy is just as important, sometimes even more important.

If you want to see a great band play live, a band that doesn't worry about being on key but more about energy and projecting the song, check out The Who this Sunday at halftime of the Super Bowl.

Maybe Swift will watch and learn a thing or two so when she sings off key again — I'm sure all those studio fixes and Pro Tools can't save her on stage.


DJ said...

The Funions I know...but who is Taylor Swift?

Anonymous said...

Hi energy - The Who --- and perhaps the Heidelberg German Band. RB

RH said...

No perhaps about it, the GHB is a great example of good musicianship and the vibe. And, like the Funions, they latter they play the better they sound!!!!!

Anonymous said...

You just inspired me to listen to Death of the Autotune

TMO said...

Perhaps those critics just needed more beer.... or JAGER BOMBS!!!! I bet the Liverpool Legends won't have any problem staying on key tomorrow night!