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Monday, February 18, 2008

Blogs, Sleep, Ca Ca Ca COLD

So Dick Tuck isn't crazy about going to a blog convention with "professional media."

Well. Dick. I'm not crazy about going to a blog convention with Anon Web Warriors. But that insinuates I'm "professional." Whatever that means. Remember, I don't mix bidness with personal blogs. And I don't hide my identity.

To those who are about to sleep for 11 hours, I salute you. And wobble slightly because the very thought boggles the mind. Careful going down them steps, dang it.

I'd give anything for a few hours of good sleep some nights.

OK, I'm Nanook Of The North, but I'm getting tired of this cold weather crap. Bring spring on!


TOOKIE said...

I think 90% of the bloggers know each other ! I also think your a Pro being a Hoser !

Eh nice BOUT that you fish for Walters and jacks with

Anonymous said...

I guess I'm in the other 10%

Anonymous said...

Sometimes 11 hrs of sleep is just what the doc ordered. When you have a dog though, it is more like 10 hrs, not straight thru.

Dick Tuck said...

You are limited in what you can write in your blog because of your job. There are lines you cannot cross. Correct?

I prefer to have the freedom to write about what I wish without worrying about possible retribution.

You insulted many responsible bloggers who also enjoy that freedom by calling us gutless.

Dick Tuck said...

Or maybe I'm just cranky because you haven't linked me yet. :)

RH said...

I don't write about work because it's my job. HELLO ... if you can't figure that one out, can't do much for you.

Your blog isn't gutless, I will give you that. You don't go around insulting people or calling them names for no reason. Others do.

It's also an issue of credibility.

I don't get mad at Tookie because everybody knows who he is. He's entitled to his opinions and he doesn't hide behind the keyboard.

I got blasted today by a caller who identified herself for a story I wrote in the Herald-Whig and you know what? It was fine. I can take it.

But I don't like anons who take pot shots from the cheap seats.

blogquincy! said...

Thanks for the link, RH. Appreciate it!

Dick Tuck said...

I get and appreciate your point.

I understand the local media is pretty defensive about the bloggers at times, but your disgust does seem to be directed toward the anons who hit and run people...and they deserve it.

Thanks for the link and the kind words about my blog.

chart said...

65 degrees one day last week. The next day was 25. In the 40s and 50s this week. Have put my winter coat away for now. Only 4 more weeks...

Anonymous said...

Hahaha dayum rh and dicky having spar. We understand the job / blog issue , not like that is a tough one . Blogquincy is too sugar coated for me and smells like new media to me . Frankly if I want sugar coat I will reread the editorial of today or wait for ed to write his norm . Ps biodiesel is made from soybeans not corn , follow up uncle jumpin jimmy to have him explain that one , but get the kiplinger report on bio fuels from me first . Love tookie crackberry