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Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Record Freeze

For a record third time this winter, we've had a thaw and re-freeze.

The newest rage in pond skating is at South Park near the corner of Eighth and R.J. Peters Drive. Almost perfect shiny glass ice, covered in a quarter inch of smooth-protecting snow.

Glorious ....

Abe's birthday today. Gummermint work is good if you can git it.

I miss Orion The Hunter, "So You Ran" is on Pandora right now. The video is classic 80s schmaltz, if I can find it I'll post it later.

Funions practice tonight, staying warm in the Kingsridge basement by learning oldies but goodies.

Thinking of going out on a limb here shortly. Nothing to lose. Right?

Tookie has the plague. Stay away, Q-Town. Hoser cure has been offered on his latest post comments.


Anonymous said...

The Good thing about living up north during the winter is just what you're doing. Ice Skating. Up here in Elmhurst we have a Rink that's free to Students

UMRBlog said...

Yes, it's OK for you to lift your column topics directly from my blog without credit or attribution. I am your selfless meta-Assignment Editor.

RH said...

It's like song-writing. Really, is there anything original anymore? It's all about influences, ABC.

Truth be told I wrote most of the column Friday before I saw your blog, but you can take credit for the idea ....

UMRBlog said...

Fair enough,

John Lee Hooker was an influence on a lot of folks who didn't even know he was influencing them. Your point is well taken.

Continued Success.