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Saturday, February 16, 2008

Out & About

I've been conversing with a new friend about Dean Martin. You can a bunch of his clips and if you are a lounge lizard fan, you'll love his stuff.

I speak of lounge lizards because tonight Jack, Alan K. and myself reform Jack Inghram & The Congregational Hart Throbs at First Union, 12th and Maine, for the Evening Under The Stars.

Me: Do you think we should practice?

Alan: Practice?

Me: I'm sorry. Won't speak of it again.

So we'll do that voodoo that we do and that will be that.

Gotta love lazy Saturday mornings .... In a little bit I'll be playing paperboy, seeing if there's life on Aldo Blvd., staring inside my empty fridge, put off cleaning this place, and take a looooooonnnnnngggggg walk.


TOOKIE said...

Tell Aldo "hello" for me

The tree at the end that had the rotted hollow is gone I noticed . Sad Many a day of hiding in that .

Also I used to do the short cut through the grave yard from Kentucky UNTIL we watched the " Day of the dead" and my buddy scared the crap out of me .......

Grove then on

UMRBlog said...


An idea whose time has come. See today's Post in the Basin. I think it would be fun. Lemme know.