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Monday, February 25, 2008

By a neck ... Dr. Irvine

I do not generally give out recommendations for service providers in Quincy.

But I am not afraid to give love to chiropracter Dr. Shawn Irvine, who has saved me from dehabilitating back pain more than once.

Last week I slept wrong and messed up my neck and shoulder. Like most guys, I ignorned it and thought it would go away.

When I couldn't sit down in front the computer at work this morning, it was enough.

Shawn is very thorough and efficient. He gets the history, probes the area, puts you on the table, does the adjustment and you are good to go. His services are reasonably priced. Today I got some electrical stimulation which also felt wonderful.

I appreciate his professional manner and I appreciate Peggy, his office administrator, making me feel at ease.

On a separate note, I'd like to thank a friend who has stayed a friend through interesting experiences and times. I'm better for it.

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