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Friday, February 22, 2008

Bu Bu Busy

Understand a devoted blog reader is disappointed in a lack of updates. Well. It's that person's fault, partially.

Great Funions practice Wednesday night, we ploughed through eight new songs, most should be ready for the March 15 gig.

More Funions gigs in the works, as well. We are working on the Washington Theater show for May 17, hopefully we'll have something before that as well.

The great 80s rock band Asia is putting out a new album with the original lineup of Carl Palmer, John Wetton, Geoff Downes and Steve Howe. Snippets available at

Gotta love a band whose drummer (Palmer) just had a heart stent process, and whose lead singer and bass player (Wetton) is recovering from major heart surgery. Experienced musicians forging on and doing what they love. Wish they'd come closer to Quincy this year on tour ...


Anonymous said...

Speaking of aging rock bands, I was at the Canadian Autoshop VIP gala in Toronto last week. GM traditionally provides entertainment at these events, and this year the band playing was April Wine! I remember listening to them in the 70s (I also saw them in Kalamazoo about 25 years ago - I think you might have been there!)Funny enough, I am now way older, as are they! Anyway, it was fun to go back in time again, even if only for an hour or so.


RH said...

I remember it well. I believe you delivered newspapers to one of the guys in the band back in the day, or was that Eric? At the Wings Stadium concert Mark Kline, your old Montreal roomie of doom, got so "happy" he went blind. I think he caught a guitar pick, too. Geesh, VA ... you are making me laugh out loud!

Anonymous said...

I delivered papers, but not to an April Wine dude. Must have been the E man. And yes, Mark's vision (and everything else) was challenged that evening. I had forgotten about the pick catching, but, I think you are correct.

The highlight of the night last week was when Myles Goodwyn introduced "I'm on Fire for you baby" as - "Here's a song I wrote for my first wife, which I dedicate to my second wife."

Makes perfect sense to me!


Anonymous said...

Okay, you have a point there. I am partially responsible and I accept that responsibility!!!! Just don't forget your loyal readers out here!!!!