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Wednesday, February 06, 2008

I'd take Anna

Listening to the great underrated 80s band Cock Robin.

"But I won't leave you until I turn to find you gone ..... I'm the biggest fool of all."

Gotta love lyrics that hit home ....

This band featured Peter Kingsberry and the gorgeous Anna LaCazio, who gives Patty Smyth a run for her money. I'd take Anna to my deserted St. Rachel Island in a second.

They've disabled the embedded feature on, so you'll have to go there yourself, just about every song and video is worth listening to and watching.

"There's no path of least resistance, it's a fable you have heard ...."


binman said...

With all of that musical knowledge..I can't believe we busted you up so badly on music trivia night. Your teams performance was weak and pathetic. SMACK

RH said...

It was pathetic. Didn't know ANY of the new music songs. It's all crap so I don't listen ....

We deserve to be smacked for our poor performance, but next year we're bringing a teenager with us!