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Friday, September 05, 2008

Carl's Still Rocking

Carl Thomas called today and said his new band will be playing in Marceline Sept. 20.

Carl was the bass player for the Slink Rand Band, but apparently they had some issues and have called it quits.

Always thought Slink and the boys should have played classic blues and rock and roll, not the harder stuff they started doing, but to each his own. There's no denying Slink, Randy, Carl and the singers they went through could rock it out.

Anyway, Carl is now playing guitar in this band. Can't think of the name but we'll have more details soon.

Big music day Saturday, with Cheeseburgers and Blue Healers at the Smoke On The River event. They play at The Dock, Cheeseburgers at 3 and Healers at 6.

Slick Woody plays tomorrow night outdoors at The Grove Inn, another good time for sure, so get out there this weekend and enjoy!

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