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Monday, September 29, 2008


Happiness is ...

- Having a day off after working for Gus in another state.

- Driving a brand new Saturn rental care with XM Radio ... the comedy channels were really good and it made the drive to Lafayette go by faster. Also, I accidently pressed the OnStar button but the operator was cool when I told him it was by accident.

- Doing Dream Court games with Gus, more fun than should be allowed.

- Being a Cubs fan right now, if you are one.

- Watching Michigan somehow get a huge win in The Big House while sitting with ticked off Purdue fans in a Lafayette steakhouse.

- Hearing about YOUR Central Michigan University Chippewas somehow surviving another wacky MAC finish.

- A rainy Monday to get laundry done.

- A Calftown garage to turn the amp up. Preferably to 11.

- Not being a Rams fan, or a St. Louis Cardinals fan.

- A balky back finally starting to loosen up. FINALLY. There is nothing worse than tying to blow the whistle on a Macker youth court from Testosterone Hell and not being able to stand up.

- Trying to decipher a message from Tookie and finally just giving up without wondering just what he is babbling about again.

- A guitar student getting it.

- A Border Collie hiding in the bathroom during a thunderstorm. Well, it's not happy for her, just funny to me.

- Not being in the hospital.

- Watching the rain from the porch with a hot cup of coffee.

- Getting calls about the band and wondering if we're playing soon (we are, stay tuned).

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