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Sunday, September 07, 2008

Healing In The Rain

The Blue Healers again rocked it out Saturday at Smoke On The River.

First of all, a big thanks to the Quincy Exchange Club for putting on the BBQ and utilizing our riverfront. It takes a ton of work and effort and the Exchange Club guys always pull it off, just like for Gus Macker.

The Cheeseburgers sounded really good at the Dock's outdoor stage in the afternoon. The Healerstook the stage and it started raining which kept the crowd down, but they guys still had fun and everybody who was there, wet or under the tents and porch roofs, did too.

Didn't stick around for Scott Boy Daniels .... if anybody saw them let me know how it was.

With the rain coming down, we bailed on the idea of going to The Grove to see Slick Woody, hope they had fun, inside or out.

Check out UMR's take on Oprah, the most dangerous woman in the world.

College football Saturdays ROCK. Now comes the Michigan-Notre Dame game, two struggling teams looking to make a statement.

And ... my Chips fell flat on their faces in Athens, but that's OK. Other MAC teams like Ohio and Miami did the conference proud.

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