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Sunday, September 21, 2008

Too Much Fun, Go MSU, Bad PA

Tons of people having waaaaaayyyyyy too much fun in Marcelline last night. Waaaaaayyyyy too much fun ....

Normally I sympathize with people who are having a tough time getting around .... and I am NOT a Michigan State fan, but yesterday was the exception.

The Chippewas lost for the third time in a year to Purdue. Ironically, I'm heading to Lafayette, Ind., this weekend for the final regular Gus Macker of 2008.

The marching band did a great job at the QHS football game Friday night. I did not stay for the second half because the PA guy drove me nuts.

Announce the ball carrier, the tackler, the down and the distance. DON'T give a gibberish play by play the whole game. DON'T "count down" the clock. DON'T make a fan bus announcement sound like the final seconds of a Super Bowl going into overtime.

There. I feel better ...


Anonymous said...

Sorry, but I thought the guy on the mic did a pretty good job. Everyone has their style, whether speaking or writing and if we one truly is there for the kids...whether players, band members, pommers or cheerleaders, then they ought to accept the shortcomings of others. I liked the guy from last year as well.

I understand you were the mouth of the booth last week and your performance was good also.

Having written what you did, I too, hope you feel better now and will return, albeit, somewhat less harsh.

jrg said...

Having been to hundreds of high school, college and pro sporting events as a fan, working journalist, public address announcer, play-by-play guy and color analyst, I think I am a pretty good judge of what a public address announcer should be.

For the most part, the PA guy should not be screaming a play-by-play account of the action while the play is in progress.

I was at Friday night's game and while I applaud the gentleman's willingness to give his time to the program, his call was a distraction and detracted from the game on the field.

RH said...

Less is more when it comes to PA announcing.

Also, I am not putting down the guy himself. I know he's a former coach and great friend of the program and also think it's great he wants to help. Just wish it was from the sidelines, that's all.