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Friday, September 26, 2008

Get Better Dangit

A big shout out to Shey Fey, who is battling The Bug. Get better dangit!

A long walk in Woodland last night with Brown Eyed Girl and it was beautiful. Maybe it was the tilt of the sun or something.

Predawn Hour plays a show tonight at Turner Hall. A long lost friend recently turned up for the singer and guitar player .... more in tomorrow's paper.

Kelly Wilson of The Whig is writing an awesome blog about living this week on just $25 for food. Our podmate, who is bigger than Charlie Weiss, spends $25 on lunch tips during the week. It's a good read so check it out.

Heading to Lafayette today for the last Gus Macker of the year. This is usually a good tournament, just wish it wasn't so far away.

Thinking about the national championship in California in two weeks too, but as usual there's too much going on around here.

Now this, friends, is assault with a deadly weapon. I'm thinking the gas chamber would be suitable punishment. This story really stinks and lends itself to a lot of bad jokes in passing.


browneyedgirl said...

It was beautiful last night, wasn't it? Thanks for the walk!!
And don't worry.... we'll take good care of Sheyfey and Lu while you're gone :)

SheyFey said...

I can relate, sometimes it seems like assault but deadly weapon? I'd have to ask JB about that!