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Saturday, September 13, 2008

Mud, ND-Michigan

There's a massive garage sale going on right now in the alley south of 11th and Monroe. Between airport gawking and garage sale observations, I have enough material for at least a month's worth of H-W columns.

Went to the QND game last night, stood in the mood by the end zones and sidelines, should have worn my West Quincy Levee galoshes.

Great game, tremendous win for the Raiders.

I'll be at the QHS game this afternoon. Not a big fan of Saturday high school football, but when you are playing at team from another time zone .... gotta do what you gotta do. You might not see me there, but you will definitely hear me!

Michigan vs. Notre Dame is at the same time, and the game is kind of flying under the radar because both teams are struggling. That makes it all the more of a crucial contest. Michigan turned its season around after an emphatic win last year.

I hate Notre Dame. To you-know-where with you, Charlie.

And, tonight, USC will dismantle Ohio State.


PPGA Commish said...

I missed the ND-Michigan score. Was too busy waiting for QU to score a point this season.

You know who won?

RH said...

Haven't heard. I was doing the PA at the QHS game. Sorry ...

SheyFey said...

ND Won 28 - MI 17