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Thursday, September 04, 2008

Practice, Smells

Funions practice again was a blast tonight. We have seven or eight songs I think we can pull off right now for the CD project, plus a couple more we hope to learn.

Good to see Jason and Warren from SevenD2 or however they spell the name now ... the alphabet police arrested them recently I believe. They have a show at the Kix Club Sept. 20.

Late during practice we were starting a song when Pat stopped it and started gagging before sticking his head out an open window. The practice space at Vegas Music is fairly tight and it's never a good thing when gas is passed, especially the insidious SBD (silent but deadly) type.

Nobody is sure who passed the gas but it accusations were made it had something to do with the singer and guitar player who ate at the 18-Wheeler this evening after coming back from St. Louis. All lies! Unfortunately Jack Inghram was not at practice, but he'll be hired first thing tomorrow morning to defend the singer's honor.

Being falsely accused .... stinks!

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SheyFey said...

They just didn't appreciate eau du Hart! They stink sometime too!!