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Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Bloggers, blacklists

Sen. Dick Durbin's decision to blacklist a Quincy radio station is about the dumbest thing he could ever do.

Of course, the indignation from our local blogging community is, as ever, entertaining. You should really charge admission or get anger management before letting people read this stuff.

Go to this blog, then follow his link for the only rational thoughts out there on the whole deal.

I am putting All The News back on the links. I've kept him off because he doesn't blog enough.

It's pretty obvious who he is, but I'll keep my speculation to myself, and his hidden identity doesn't take away from his sharp views. 

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Anonymous said...

I also note that, for something that is somehow threatening to the very republic (from whichever POV you take), the local radio station hasn't said much, if anything, about it.

If they're not upset, why should anyone else be?