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Saturday, October 31, 2009

Whatta bash

As you can see, our Funions Halloween bash was a huge success.

That might have been as much fun as the band has ever had playing a show. Ever. In 10 years of doing this.

The crowd was into it from the start and danced to every song, even the originals.

Costume contest was huge - give it up to QPD CSI for the Funyons costume!
The American Gothic couple pictured above won the $100 Elks gift certificate and there were some awesome costumes.

Yes. It's true. The Funions were renamed Dirk & The Perp Walks, for one night only. The prison warden was, ahem, hot!

Thanks for coming out. The Funions will be taking a little break but hopefully we'll play soon.


TMO said...

Good times.... Never thought being a convict could be so darn cool. There is nothing like playing music, drinking beer, and spending time with people who love to party! The crowds at the Elks are always great! Oh, and the dicipline I had to endure at the hands of the "Warden" later in the evening was beyond "cruel and unusual!".... but I will be filing no complaints!!!!!

SheyFey said...

I figured you had done that before the Elks too!