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Saturday, October 24, 2009

Expensive lumber

One thing I forgot to mention about the failed hockey skate experience in the Loo was the price of sticks. $200, for a piece of lumber? Or graphite or aluminum or whatever they are made out of these days. GEESH.

I will have to settle for a "cheap" $40 stick, in all likelihood. 

QHS did not play well last night at Glenwood, but we'll see where the playoff road takes the Blue Devils next week. Shey Fey and I did have a lot of fun with the Farkas family and a Springfield road trip is never a bad thing. We ate at an Italian place not far from the school and it was HUGE.

We celebrate tonight with Chris and Jessica Cornwell. Congrats! The Cheeseburgers are playing at the reception and it will be a blast.

HOLY CRAP - my vacation is almost over. 

There are rumors about chainsaws being used this weekend in The Hood, and of a hot tub getting hooked up ....

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