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Thursday, October 22, 2009

Staying Local

I could get used to this not working bidness really easily ....

Excellent Funions practice last night at Club Vegas. "Back in the USSR ...." Getting ready for our huge Halloween show a week from Friday at The Elks. No cover charge, costume contest, cheap and cold beverages .... NO EXCUSES for not showing up. Members and guests only, if you are a Funions fan, you can be our guest!

Buying local is a big topic. I am all for helping out our Quincy retailers, but there are certain times when it just won't work.

For instance, if I need something for my bike, I'm going to Greg Davis' shop at Eighth and State. Why? He's a good guy, he has great service and he knows his product, and I feel good giving him my business.

For most of my music needs, I'll go to Vegas Music or Smith Music in Quincy. I've dropped more than just a dime or two in both places, and will continue to do so.

However ....

I need new skates, and there simply isn't a place in Quincy to buy them. So I'm making a road trip today. May also stop at a large music outlet to try and find an item or two not available in Quincy.

Buy local if you can. If not .... do what you gotta do.


Anonymous said...

My favorite are the people who drive two hours to go to...a Target. Really? Target?? Shopko, K-Mart, Wal-Mart, Big-Lots, Sam's Club, and TJ-Maxx don't satisfy your need for over-priced crap?

RH said...

Correction. Big Lots has lot of CHEAP crap.

Anonymous said...

True. Don't get me wrong, I love me some cheap crap- just wouldn't burn a half tank of gas to get it

Anonymous said...

None of those store listed has the GREAT over-priced crap that Target has. You are obviously not a lady nor do you have discriminating taste.

The crap at Target is the BEST!!!