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Saturday, October 03, 2009

Sanity Restored

Playing tonight at a wedding reception in the country. Supposedly outdoors, we'll see if the weather holds.

Practiced Thursday night with Trent Vogel on the drums and the band is ready to have a blast. I'm ready to bust loose and have some fun.

Covering two murder trials in two weeks is exhausting, though it pales to what families of victims, the attorneys and key witnesses have to endure. 

I'm just glad it over and the families from from both sides are picking up the pieces. 

I was supposed to do the PA at the QHS football game last night but I had nothing left in the tank, thanks to David Adam for helping me out. How 'bout them Devils!

So - Mutt Strut this morning in South Park, college football this afternoon, lawn mowing and picking up Bella poop at some point, and rocking out tonight.

Sounds like the cure to me!

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