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Saturday, October 17, 2009

Holy Football Playoffs, Batman

Check it out — YOUR Quincy Blue Devils are 7-1 and heading to the playoffs. That's right — the freaking PLAYOFFS!

What I love about this time is the determination and rising up in the face of adversity. D.J. Powell was unstoppable last night simply because he refused to go down. Alex McNay had a costly fumble early in the second half and ran like a man possessed in the fourth quarter, including a huge third-down run on the final scoring drive of the game. 

But the strength of this team is the defense, especially the line. Jimmy Ely is a man and the linebackers fly to the ball.

Rick Little and his coaches are to be commended for turning it around in a basketball town. If QHS can pull off another win in Chatham next Friday, we could have playoff football in Quincy at both Notre Dame and at 46th and Maine.


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