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Monday, November 26, 2007

Bob & Doug

So I'm driving home from work after another meat-grinder of a day (try sitting through 75 minutes of yawn-inducing motion hearings and you'll know what I mean) and on the radio comes my good hoser buddies Bob and Doug McKenzie.

Takes a hoser to appreciate one, and my Canadian blood flows extra red when hearing Bob and Doug sing the "12 Days of Christmas."

"Quiz ... quiz for Doug!"

I can only imagine Rick Moranis and Bob Thomas laughing themselves silly doing this.

It reminds me of my hoser buddy Kenny VA and insane Calvin College parties. Not that we did any of that sort of stuff, back in the day.

"FIVE GOLDEN TUUKS ... four pounds of back bacon, three french toasts, two turtle necks ... and a BEER ON MY TREE."

I felt better when I got home.


shart said...

It should only be the two days of Christmas...this is too hard for us...

Anonymous said...

I see you are using my name in vain....