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Saturday, November 10, 2007


A huge congratulations to Coach Ron Zook and Illinois.

Along with the Cheesehead debacle today, takes a little luster off The Game next week, doesn't it?


TOOKIE said...

Ever see a 100 YARD INT ? I did and I am still crying 3 hours later !

But always nice to see the Illini beat OSU

UMRBlog said...

No. Fichigan and TOSU in the Big House. Ghosts of Harmon and Griffin and Kern even Gerald Ford (Not to mention Leophus Hayden)for a trip to the Roser? It's big. Nothing can unbig it.

Could we please now just let the air out of the conference named after vitamin B-12 and let some grownups play in the BCS champ?

Go Chips.