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Wednesday, November 14, 2007

New Businesses

The new Starbucks on Broadway has opened.

It will be interesting to see how people react to $5 cups of coffee, and if other places like the awesome Coffee On Broadway see a change.

I miss Mugshots on Jail Alley, but Washington Perk has done a good job with their coffee lately and I love the Granite Bank Gallery building.

The sushi place at Fifth and Hampshire also opened recently. I drove past there Friday about 6 and it was packed. I hope it does well. Ate lunch with some gals last week who said it was really good.


Anonymous said...

And the French bakery across from WGEM is supposed to open the week after Thanksgiving.

The owners had to get their immigration cards in a row.

Oh man, so much good food, so little time (or money).

Now we just need a decent Arabic restaurant. We got Greek, Japanese, Italian, various Mexican, various Chinese, New American, classic American, will soon have French. I guess we could use some good Thai too.

Anonymous said...

those girls sure did know what they were talking about!:) the food was fantastic! very pricey!

TOOKIE said...

and the answer is "yes" to both your blog spam questions F***er

..I.. ( picture a New York wave with my graphics to the left)

Anonymous said...

cant wait to try out these new restaurants, also the buffalo wings place going out on broadway, so much food, so little time

Anonymous said...

I think the sushi place is horrible! Bad food at high prices!