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Wednesday, November 28, 2007

New Links

Put three new links up.

All The News is Quincy's only rational blog about media coverage. Sometimes what he picks on is curious. We'll have a paper with several good stories but he'll talk about a photo or sports story with a strange headline. However, it's always interesting and sometimes leads to good discussion.

I hesitated to put Quincy Fire up here because the usual Web Warriors seem to flock to it. But it's not boring and it's probably the top site in Quincy for discussion.

Quincy Forums also generates traffic, but unfortunately it seems the same people bitch and moan about the same things. I respect the guy who runs it and he's doing a good thing.


carl said...

Maybe they could play the chocolate unicorn elves at the fruity candy-ass bowl in nevah-nevah land!

Quincy Fire said...

And I shall return the favor !

Thanks !

Allthenewsthatfits said...

That's the fun of can be as odd and idiosyncratic as you want to. It's the poor pros who have to park their asses in board meetings and motion hearings all day.

Besides, I hate to repeat myself. There are only so many times you can pick on a publicity-hound preacher before the fun wears off. said...

Appreciate the link, hopefully many more people will join and we can thoroughly discuss more topics and have greater input.