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Thursday, November 22, 2007

Turkey Day

Incredible energy at the Cheeks/Fielder/Predawn Hour show.

I love about Fielder because they crank out one song after the other. That's a band that has practiced and played together for a long time.

I think the Predawn Hour guys have huge holes in their hearts and find it strange to play without brother Cory on guitar. But the place was packed and they delivered a great rock show.

Then I went out at behest of friends to one of Quincy's nightspots and there was a band playing great 80s music, and again, boom boom boom, one song after the other.

That's something I wish The Funions could do better.

I hit the wall about 12:30 and bolted. I walked out into the snow and there was a huge line to get into this place. Most of the people were already "happy" and didn't seem to care they didn't have jackets and would be waiting in 25 degree weather for at least an hour to get in.

Today is about coffee, watching the Lions, hanging out at the White House and with my surrogate family in Spring Lake, and just being mellow - and being thankful.

Have a great turkey day!


TOOKIE said...

Damn skippy ! I woke up and wondered "how were the shows?"

Good to hear !

Feilder just seems to plain rock out everytime I see them .

On the "night we stay in" we ended up Jammin itunes until 3 ish !

Go Pack !

RH said...

Staying home is safer, cheaper .... and sometimes just plain better.

Most of the time I root for Bret Favor, but NOT today!

TOOKIE said...

Rainbows are now cool and the new black !