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Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Friday Show

Here's the lineup for the Turner Hall show Friday night ....

6 p.m. - Conspiracy Underground
6:45 - The Forgotten
7:30 - The Funions
8:15 - Guraja
9 - Atresia
9:45 - Sweet Diesel
10:30 - The Collapse
11:15 - Necebo

$5 at the door.

This is going to be one of those very interesting shows and it will be very curious to see what kind of reaction we get, because we're the old farts playing with a bunch of young bands.

But we'll try, and we're playing mostly original songs during our short set, so it should be fun.

Much thanks and love to Mike Breckenkamp for inviting us.

Heading off tonight to the Predawn Hour/Fielder/Cheeks show at the former Grifiin Centre, now Winter's West Wing next to O'Griffs on Hampshire.


TOOKIE said...

I bet that show will rock tonight !

needless to say us OLD married men have to stick close home tonight !

RH said...


A REAL man would be out rocking on the square tonight, not hiding behind his keyboard and complaining about his marital state.

Musicsmything said...

So, I'm not concerned that your age will cause problems during the show, or that your flatulence has aged. The question that I am pondering is, How will kids who like metal respond to the rock machine that IS the Funions.

TOOKIE said...

Hey now !

We have to cook stuff tonight for tomorrow ! The My branch dinner is at noon & it BLOWS .....we go out to eat because everyone got lazy and old.

The home cooked meal is at the In laws.

I hear a rumor that the first will have 1 current QNI guy and 1 retired QNI guy !

I will make sure we turn the convo into a Pick on Funion convo and just how bad we all hate Michigan !

Have fun ! Be safe !

Rock Out with you **** out !

RH said...

Now that is a good point. Here's the thing about our band - we have really good musicians like the Cornwells, and Jack Inghram's sax transposes musical genres and tastes. If you don't like a roaring saxaphone solo, whether it's on a blues song or a Lawrence Welk polka, then you are dead.

Musicsmything said...

Yeah, See. it's the musicality that's lost on a lot of the "Metal kids" They don't care if there's a melody, its just gotta be loud and rockus. I'm sure you guys will do fine!