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Saturday, November 17, 2007

Farewell, Lloyd

Lloyd Carr has coached his last game in the Big House.

Fortunately I was too busy running around today, then over at QU for the women's basketball tournament, to watch much of it.

I hate Ohio State. They are the Big Ten champs, but they'll go to the Rose Bowl and get hammered by somebody, maybe Arizona State.

The short list for Michigan? Les and Miles, as Tookie likes to say.

I'm rooting for Missouri to beat Kansas next week.

By the way, it could be worse today. You could lose to something called UL Monroe.


holds head in shame said...

Yep , just like you to see the bright side of the road.......

ULM .........

The "team" got boo-ed by 92,000 last night .

Hell just to cap off our slide I may wear Blue and Orange next week .

UMRBlog said...

Miles' contract calls for him to get 3.8M next year if he plays in the 1-2 game this bowl season.

Fichigan gonna pony up 4M on about a four year deal? Doubt it.

Until yesterday, the real no. 1 candidate was Ferentz. President of F.U. is on record as describing him the best combination of able and academically responsible. Then he, uh , lost to a cupcake yesterday. Makes no difference that they really weren't a cupcake. He's out.

Have a nice weekend.

RH said...

Miles might go to Ann Arbor for less ... it's home.

Love my Chippewas, but Western is NOT a good team. Losing at home to a 3-7 MAC team is cause for revolt in most places. The fact Iowa has tumbled so far in such a short time is disturbing. Ferentz will not be the next Michigan coach.