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Monday, May 19, 2008

Canning Jams, Blue Healers

The Blue Healers ( might be the best rock/blues band in Quincy. They were fantastic Sunday at Turner Hall's Can Jam.

The Healers are playing Blues in District Friday, July 11, and they are playing at the Bluesfest the following weekend.

This just in ... we are planning a show Friday night, June 20 at Turner Hall with The Blue Healers. We've asked a new band, Midnight Legend, to open at 7 p.m. Cover will be $3, The Funions play at 8:30 and the Healers at 10.

The May 30 show at Turner is also generating lots of buzz. I know it's QHS graduation night but we are still expecting a big crowd later. Fielder played yesterday too and did a great job with Tyler Dickens filling in for Chris Cornwell on drums and Alex Tappe doing a great job on the congas.

So ... lotsa music coming up in the Q-town!


Anonymous said...

Finally.... lot's of Funions and Blue Healers to look forward to!!!! Gonna try to make it after graduation.... will DEFINITELY be there 6/20. p.s. funions are delicious!!!! Browneyedgirl

RH said...

AHA! You've accidently revealed the name of the new CD!