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Thursday, May 22, 2008

Rain Again?

It seems the Herald-Whig Demons softball team, YOUR defending Quincy Park District Division V champions, may be rained out again tonight. In the first four weeks of the season, we've had two rainouts and a bye. Teams and Mother Nature fear us.

Another massive jam at Vegas Music last night as The Funions get ready for the May 30 show. We play at 7 p.m. There will be a huge crowd at Turner Hall as the night goes on, hopefully we'll get a few people out to see us.

Don't forget, Friday, June 20, Turner Hall with the Blue Healers and Midnight Legend. Also working on another major show, info coming soon.

Rich Meyers is here from Belding, Mich., and Gus Macker headquarters. He endured a Funions practice last night with the usual groupies and is taking everybody to see the Demons play tonight, if it doesn't rain. Gus himself will be here tonight too. Rich is still getting therapy from rooming with me in Macomb last year but that's another story for a more adult blog.

If it does rain, hopefully that clears it out for the weekend ....


TOOKIE said...

Was he Ace or was he Gary


Moral compass

*shakes head

SheyFey said...

The Demons don't really play softball do they!!! Rich is just wrong, you know he enjoyed the Macomb experience and hope for a repeat this year. Don't let him fool you!

OH, I am not a groupie.

PPGA Commish said...

You can't stop us, you can't even hope to contain us.

Rocky Cola said...

watch out for the 6th grade ML Angels girls. Court G... I think they have a good shot again this year.

The 10 and under ML Angels are just getting their wings at age 8 and it may take them a few years to catch up to the veterans....

Roy Turner Coach of the Yankees from the Bad News Bears, circa 1976