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Saturday, May 17, 2008

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A year ago today, good family friend Sid Jansma lost his wife, and he reflects here on making peace and saying farewell. Sid is the real deal, and God be with him and his family.

I'm loving this story about a double amputee qualifying for the Olympics.

Kelly Wilson had a nice blog item about the local theater presentation of MASH. Click here to vote for your favorite character from the TV show.


Anonymous said...

M.A.S.H. --- Unfortunately, the theater production doesn't bear the heart and the sole of the original movie. Too many critical moments had to be altered I guess to protect the sensitivity of the theater audience. Those who though it was a great QCT production - rent the movie.

Anonymous said...

Washington Theater looked great on Saturday! More people should get involved in that project. When are the Funions going to play there again?

RH said...

In the fall. September show is possible, as is potential Halloween gig.

Anonymous said...

A halloween show would be so cool in that old building!! browneyedgirl