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Friday, May 09, 2008

Gas Price Woes

Gas prices have really made me think twice about some stuff. I'd love to get away for a weekend, but it costs too much.

I make two or three trips to Michigan a year but this year, with these prices, I'm just going once, and only because I'll hopefully have free lodging on a Lake Michigan beach.

Apparently more and more people are thinking this way too. Shouldn't using less gas mean supplies go back up and prices down?

I'm ignorant about gas prices. I just know it's a ripoff and somebody is laughing all the way to the bank at our expense.


SheyFey said...

Get your Funions CD finished and when it sells out (like all the others) you will have great riches and will be able to afford gas!

Rocky Cola said...

What about coffee or expresso at $3-4 a cup? Because I am not a coffee guy, that seems like a bigger rip off than gas.

That goes through most of us pretty quickly, at least gas gets us somewhere....

Getting Macker fever!!