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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Some Guy Named Zach

So some guy named Zach was in Quincy Monday and posed for this photo with a Quincy girl.

Apparently this guy is into musicals or something. I have no idea, never heard of him or seen him.

He wanted The Funions to do the soundtrack for what he is calling his "third movie." What were the first two called?

He seemed handsome enough but I don't think he's nearly good enough for the girl in the photo. He seemed more interested in talking about Hollywood and famous people.

He just seemed ... fake.

Who is this guy, anyway?


TOOKIE said...

1 : Have Em turn 7-12 again

2: You will soon learn everything about Zack & Hanna M .........

3: You will also learn that the Jonas Bro's are the enemy

Anonymous said...

Not sure - guessing, but - is dad looking out for his daughter?

K in Toronto

RH said...

As surely as my butt will be planted on Uncle Peter's beach in August ....

Danielle said...

OMGoodness how can you not know who Zach is?

Issi know all the words to High School Musical 1 and 2. Next time you see her she will sing for you.