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Thursday, May 08, 2008

New Funions CD?

One of the things this incarnation of The Funions seriously has to think about is recording a CD.

It could be a lot of fun with this group of guys, but it takes an enormous amount of planning and directing before we can even remotely dream about doing new songs.

First of all, where do we go to record? Alan Lawless has been so good to us and we have a blast in his dungeon of doom Copper Mine studio.

But we happen to have a sax player who owns his own studio. Jack has Pillar Productions and has indicated we can use the studio for a CD project, and we could save ourselves a lot of money that way.

I have four or five songs that might be ready, but with these guys, I think it would be fun to come up with stuff in rehearsal and just messing around, because they are such good players. Plus Pat Cornwell has a good voice and we'd be foolish not to take advantage of it.

I listened to Just Pretending the other day for the first time in maybe a year and I realized how much Larry Flavell put his stamp on those sessions, and it really came out well.

Now with a slide player and sax, it gives us a bit more of a jam and blues feel.

With every band you have to have the Alpha guy, the person who does all the stuff and pushes the buttons and often is the jerk who massages ideas in certain directions. That's balanced with every individual in the band. They all have contributions and the key is to mesh everything.

So .... the process begins. Can't say when it will result in a new CD. But. It begins!

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Anonymous said...

Can't WAIT for a new Funions CD!!!! That would be FABULOUS!!!!!!!! browneyedgirl