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Saturday, May 31, 2008

Lotsa music

Now THAT was a Friday music night.

Fun times at Turner Hall, especially with Napalm doing lights and the temps reaching 100-plus on stage. Hey ... needed to burn off a few pounds anyway, right?

The Funions played very well and I appreciated the young people who gave us a chance and listened.

Great crowd, great bands ... St. Amy's had everybody going, First of November was really cool (you just don't see two girls playing guitar in a band), Predawn Hour looks good with their new bass player and Fielder .... Geesh. What can you say about those guys? I've run out of words .... simply awesome.

Thanks Tookie, for showing up AFTER we played. He blamed the women. Oh well.

Also slid down to the Elks and caught some of Mad Hoss Jackson. Drummer Jim Jennings is always fun to hang out with.

Now we get ready for the June 20 show. It will be nice today to do nothing but recover and watch YOUR Detroit Red Wings play in the Stanley Cup finals tonight.


Rocky Cola said...

rooting for the kids,so last night was great....

Never liked the self-proclaimed nickname, "hockeytown", it bothers me considerably.

Roller Hockey at Scotties skateland every Sunday night at 7ish PM. RockyCola can skate!

SheyFey said...

Tookie is a woman!