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Sunday, May 25, 2008

Goodbye Gus, July 5 update

Always sad when Gus heads home Sunday night. All in all, Gus was good again in Q-town, one or two knuckleheads as usual. The Dream Court was huge, highlighted by DOB and Tyler T from WGEM doing the final game today. They watched the Rocky Cola-coached team dominate, as usual!

I jumped the gun on the July 5 Gems announcement, a couple of the Funions have other commitments that day so we'll try to figure out another Gems show.

Have a good Memorial Day and remember our men and women in the Armed Forces who gave and still give so much for us.


Rocky Cola said...

Thanks Rodney and crew...

The rain stunk, but my in-laws had never been to a Macker from Southeast MO, and they thought it was excellent-and the big court made it that much better.

When my girls get done, make sure that I become a buster! Or at least a guy that gets to hold the walkie-talkie and walk around!

SheyFey said...

We had great play by play for both days! Hope you give more cudos when you have rested up. The teams, coaches and refs rocked!

Knuckleheads on the lower courts don't count. Macker was a great, though wet weekend!