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Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Another NFL Baby

So Plaxico Burress is upset with his contract.

Well. He did go to Michigan State.

Hey Plax - you caught the winning touchdown in the Super Bowl. You are rich and famous. I'm having trouble paying my rent and affording a tank of gas.

What a big baby.

Speaking of overpaid babies, the NBA Finals are in full swing. Nobody covers the NBA like ESPN's Bill Simmons, who hates Kobe Bryant and torches the L.A. fans with style and class.

So I've been going home for lunch (saving my pennies by eating hot dogs and corned beef sandwiches). I've been watching the Euro Cup soccer with the two English or Scottish or whatever they are guys doing the announcing, and it's been tremendous.

They say things like "Portugual is cherishing the ball" and "What a deft touch by the Dutch midfielder" and "That was creative genius in the midfield with the one-touch flick."

It's made my noon naps easier to take. Nothing is more soothing than an English soccer announcer.


Anonymous said...

Portugal is cherishing the ball?? You're making me want to take up watching Euro Soccer! Sounds fabulous!! browneyedgirl

SheyFey said...

I can almost hear your British accent now, mumbling in your sleep.