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Friday, June 27, 2008

Dodging The Drops

So the past few days every time I looked at the Internet weather map all I saw was green and orange blasting its way toward us.

After Tuesday/Wednesday a.m. showers, it became apparent the Fabius River and other areas were in no shape to take more rain.

So this stuff comes at us and it makes you wonder how long these battered levees will hold and how much these people can take.

Somehow it missed us. We have a cell coming right at us right now and it's getting dark, but it's not that big and hopefully will blow through.

We played softball last night despite the nasty green mass heading right at us. Felt one or two drops of rain on the West Quincy levee at 3 a.m. despite the nasty green mass heading right at us. Thought I'd get wet crossing the bridge home at 5 a.m.

Fat raindrops are pelting the windows now. Rain here in Quincy is OK, but not good for the folks downstream.

Seems we are dodging the raindrops, the bullets.

Meanwhile, the latest You Can't Make It Up saga hits the front pages ....


SheyFey said...

Quit looking at the map! Maybe if you stop looking for rain it will quit raining?

Glad you were out on the levee this morning. I feel better knowing you were there and are assured it is still holding.

Da Pilgrim said...

I heard Rodney's been washing his car every day. :)

Or maybe that was me?

No, I washed the cat.

I know I seem stream of consciousness. On a new BP med and it's got me a bit loopy.

Plus I'm bummed about the Bistro.

Anonymous said...

Bummed about the bistro also.
Just when you think there is a ray of hope for this town.