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Wednesday, June 25, 2008


No sleep overnight, too much rain and nasty weather. This can't be good for our levees.

I am afraid of what we'll find when dawn finally comes. It rained all freaking night.

I am pretty sure the north section of the West Quincy levee will be fine. Just how much rain dumped into the Fabius River and Durgen's Creek remains to be scene.

Fingers crossed ....


TOOKIE said...

Just call the Tookie line I will be some where close to those spots I am sure .

I did get a call last night and passed it on the WQHQ ........I got 4-5 YOUNG BUCKS donated to our crew for today .

Let me tell you we will need them

RH said...

If I get enough stuff done today (and that's a huge if) I'll come out and slog with you. Playing in the mud is fun! Also bought new boots!

(Sound of Taps as the green duck boots of doom are officially retired ....)

TOOKIE said...

Just make sure you send officer Meyer to find us if the worst happens . Tell him big , ugly , green slicker and most likely saying words that make the merchant marine blush

TOOKIE said...

Rockin Rodney was asked for today !

We're all beat EXCEPT the human machine James . I want to clone him and take over the world

TOOKIE said...

Keep Steve gayeinger off the North side . I will show him Steve Dirt ..........nothing pisses me off more than Jim M trying to steal Jim R's thunder .