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Thursday, June 19, 2008

National Love

NBC News began it's national coverage last night with a story from Quincy. The Today Show did another live shot. Tons of national media in town.

I was in West Quincy today, more coming up on my Whig Blog and, of course, at

Two Deadly Weapons playing tonight at a benefit, with the big show tomorrow night ready to go ....


Danielle said...

Gaby and Bob went to OLC to sand bag Wednesdy and ended up on the today show.

Kinda cool having your great-granddaughter sand bag with you.

TOOKIE said...

RH is a Bull Qu**r ,

Dry , clean , and eating !

Danni those bum @ss neighbors of yours were 0 for 2 & stood me up for Canton .

I think Coach Guns & I scare em ! Lil S O'H helped us one day for god's love

TOOKIE said...

RH ,

Are you ok ? DOB painted a bloody picture of you defending 2nd base .

Should I contact the prayer groups ?

See ya today , please bring DEET

SheyFey said...

RH was going for his 2nd ear injury of the year but only pulled a hammie!!