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Monday, June 09, 2008

Not Guilty

Tookie was found not guilty. I have it on good authority the jury was rigged and his rabble-rousing attorney may have paid off the judge.

Just what I've heard.

Hey. Web Warriors only report the rumors, they don't verify them.


TOOKIE said...

A real Crime reporter would have covered the trial

SheyFey said...

You weren't in the jury or he woulda had a tougher fight!

RH said...

A REAL crime reporter would have exposed the trial for the sham and debacle it was, and showed the world how Tookie cheated his way to freedom.

TOOKIE said...

A real crime reporter would have sat with his friends and watched one hell of a trial dog in action.

Also a real trial lawyer would understand the judicial system and the rights all citizens of this wonderful nation have , well opps I forget you were a HOSER .


Anonymous said...

I'm sure they'll be studying this case for years to come, what an important precedent it establishes! I can hear a lawyer in court, 40 years from now,

"I'd like to refer to City of Quincy vs Tookie 2008 IL..." LOL

Like a bad episode of Night court.

Anonymous said...

This was in a Herald-Whig story today:

Reports were circulating this week that the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers may open an emergency operations center by this weekend in the Army Reserve building on 36th Street.

Is this or is this not a rumor?

RH said...

Don't know ....