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Thursday, June 26, 2008

New Blogger, Same Old Weather

Let's welcome Keith Franx to the wonderful world of blogging!

Yesterday got better as it went along. Tons more rain looms. The guys were completely wiped out coming off the levy yesterday from the humidity, and it's back today. Tons more flood news at


SheyFey said...

I can't believe you slept thru the storm last night!! At one point a lightning bolt came through my window and almost killed the cat!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks again for last night, and for gettin' the word out about the new blogger.... I love you, Rodney!!!! browneyedgirl

Anonymous said...

Hey there buddy...bummer the weather is still so crappy up there! I'm getting a much-needed reprieve, with sun and beach galore!...though I could do without the hideous sunburn! Oh well, my own fault..hang in there midwesterners, this can't last forever! - Gail