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Monday, June 16, 2008

Dirty Water

Why on earth would anybody want to wade into the Mississippi River floodwaters?


Life goes on as the waters rise. Latest reports are talking about Friday as the crest.

After talking to several national media outlets in recent weeks, I think the thing people who aren't from Quincy don't realize is how much we invest in protecting ourselves, and how much human emotion becomes a part of the story.

I got to see it for myself Saturday and Sunday at the OLC. Stop down there to see it for yourself, and bring a shovel, too.

Heard a rumor McCain is coming to Quincy to fill 21 sandbags. But it's a just a rumor. Still, being the good Web Warrior that I am, I'm spreading it around.


TOOKIE said...

Bob Goo just has BETTER rumor sources than you .

1. Staffer

2. check flight plan ( Obama has to file one)

3. His army of connected Web warriors --- some of you still have that but you lack the LARGE BALLS to run with great info

RH said...

Not at Fifth and Vermont he doesn't, and that's all I'm worried about.

Anonymous said...

heard today that ole Bush is contemplating checking out the flood ridden areas on this Thursday...just hope that Qcy is not on his stopping list. Just a fly over is enough from him